Letter of Request


Friends and Associates, I am asking for your support.                                                                               Click Here to Download Letter.

I’d like for you to contribute, at whatever level is comfortable for you, to support my efforts to build our political strength here in the Chicagoland area through the Illinois Coalition for New Leadership Political Action Committee (IC4NewLeadershipPAC).

I am counting on your belief that 1) we can and must make a difference in the lives of the black community, 2) that increasing our political strength is required to address our community’s many issues, 3) that a political action committee is a viable means to that end, and 4) that you believe in my personal integrity and proven commitment to making real change happen.

Many of you are aware that I spend a significant amount of my time working to identify and examine issues plaguing our community and more importantly working with individuals and organizations across our community to move beyond the dialogue to begin to address these issues; from improving the education of our kids, creating safer and thriving neighborhoods, to building our black business sector. We must create sustainable wealth in our community.

One of the serious levers to pull on to address our issues is the political. Public policy, legislation, the allocation/disbursement of our tax dollars and the allocation/quality of public sector services can either create barriers and exclusions to progress or create the investments, opportunities and access critical to improving the quality of life for our community.

We need to use our political strength, the vote, and identify, nurture and elect the right type of officeholders, that next generation of leadership – men and women with the commitment to our agenda and the skills and courage to make it happen. While nurturing the next generation, we need to be vigilant  in holding whomever is in office accountable to our community.

To this end, I have founded the Illinois Coalition for New Leadership Political Action Committee (IC4NewLeadershipPAC). The PAC will focus on:

Electing / Re-electing New Courageous Leadership from and for our Community

Increasing Voter Registration and Voter Turnout to maximize our Community’s political power

Advocating Policy and Positions, , that align with improving the quality of life for our community

Advocating for Candidates aligned with our Policies / Positions 

Contribute Financially 

I know that we all have significant responsibilities, so I only ask that you contribute what you can, if you can.  For those who cannot contribute at this time, keep IC4NewLeadershipPAC in mind for a future donation or simply drop us a line of encouragement.  Contact Us Here.

Join IC4NewLeadershipPAC 

Consider joining me in this effort as a part of IC4NewLeadershipPAC. There is a lot of work to be done: developing and executing improved GOTV strategies, identifying and developing policies/positions/legislation for advocacy, developing/executing community communication/education strategies, and very importantly, identifying / nurturing / positioning / supporting / electing a new generation of courageous community-minded leaders for office.


You can provide significant value to this effort without a financial contribution or joining IC4NewLeadershipPAC.

Feel free to suggest causes, policy, positions or legislation IC4NewLeadershipPAC should advocate for, as well as recommend individuals or candidates that IC4NewLeadershipPAC may wish to support based on their having the skills, commitment and courage to move our agenda forward. I respect your knowledge and perspectives.


This endeavor is important to me because I believe that it is an important step in ‘owning’ what happens to our community. All IC4NewLeadershipPAC’s activities will adhere to all applicable rules and regulations for political action committees in the state of Illinois. Required PAC reporting will always be performed on schedule.

Further, I am mindful of the trust you place in the PAC and my leadership of the PAC. I will keep contributors/supporters aware of IC4NewLeadrshipPAC’s areas of focus and support with consistent reporting. I personally will not receive any salary from IC4NewLeadershipPAC and will be an active ongoing financial contributor.  I do plan to grow IC4NewLeadershipPAC to a level that will require paid staff, signaling its viability and success.


C. K. Wimberly