About Us


We are launching Illinois Coalition For New Leadership Political Action Committee (IC4NewLeadershipPac) as an issue and voting advocacy organization that will be actively engaged in Chicago, Cook County and Illinois elections supporting issues important to the black community and candidates representing new leadership that is courageously focused on improving the quality of life for our community.

IC4NewLeadershipPac recognizes that to begin to address the many problems that plague our community requires that we pull on the ‘political lever’ in a more mature and strategic manner. We need to think and plan strategically in order to accomplish near, mid-range and long-term goals.

At the heart of this effort is the belief that we can and must make a difference if we are to secure a better life for ourselves, our children and for future generations of black folk in America.

If we are stronger as a community, then America is stronger as a nation.

IC4NewLeadershipPac will advocate on behalf of policies, positions and legislation through a series of independent expenditures to ensure that voters understand said policies, positions and legislation; and will advocate on behalf of candidates that have the belief, courage and ability to drive our agenda through independent expenditures to ensure that voters understand where these candidates stand on critical issues facing our Community; as well as donate directly to candidates who represent a new courageous leadership.

IC4NewLeadershipPac Goals:

• Electing / Re-electing New Courageous Leadership from and for our Community
• Increasing Voter Registration and Voter Turnout to maximize our Community’s political power
• Advocating Policy and Positions that improve the quality of life for our Community
• Advocating for Candidates aligned with our Policies / Positions

We look forward to securing a better future for the black community.

Thank you.

C. K. Wimberly